**Items were  from @shopjuliaaparente**

 Personalized accessories are more special than other accessories we buy in department stores. I am grateful to  Julia for  the personalized gifts I received . Julia, the owner of @shopjuliaaparente specializes in  personalized gifts like necklace , ring, bracelet, ref magnets and bookmarks. Julia’s handmade products are best gifts for all occasions. Also, it can be a great souvenirs for weddings, birthdays, dedication and more.  Not just you can make someone happy by giving them gifts but you can also help provide meals to Children of Christ the King Parish .


   After Julia’s stint with Velocity Made Good (PH) Inc. as a Senior Graphic Designer in March 2016, she established Shop Julia Aparente which specializes in handmade and personalized necklaces. She always had this passion for arts and crafts and always inspired by the Bible’s passages. She combined both and started crafted necklaces then key chains and eventually expanded to rings, bracelets, ref magnets and bookmarks. Each design purchased will help provide meals to children of Christ the King Parish Las Pinas City Feeding Program.




How to Order?

Send Full Name,Complete Address and List of Orders thru Viber 0926-694-3538 or Email at 👇


To know more about Julia’s Handmade Gifts visit her social media accounts:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/shopjuliaaparente

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shopjuliaaparente/

Thanks for reading!

God bless you …





 **the products  in this review are  gifts from LiamandLevi  **

Hola  Beautiful friends!

    Happy first month of 2018! Hope everyone’s doing great. For my very first product review this year . I collaborated with Liam and Levi Handcrafted Soaps.

    I’m very choosy to the products I use especially on soaps because I have a very  sensitive skin. I prefer organic products to avoid skin irritation. So, when I  read a blog post about Liam and Levi Handcrafted Soaps I was so excited to try it.   

    I’ve been using this soap for a week already and I’m loving the results. It makes my skin smoother and smells good. It’s my first time to use this kind of soap, I usually buy my soap in the grocery stores.

  I love this soap first because it’s natural and second it’s a  local brand here in the Philippines. 


    Liam and Levi soaps are made with finest ingredients such as organic cold processed Avocado Oil and unrefined Shea Butter. Chemical free , all natural and aromatic soaps designed for face and body.


 Avocado Oil

• Good for hydrating and skin softening

• Contains Vitamin E – a powerful Antioxidant

• It sltimulates collagen production

Shea Butter

• High in Skin Nourishing Vitamin ( Vitamin E, A and C )

    Liam and Levi soap is special from others because they are made from scratch and purely made by hand. Only made in small batches. No machines , no robot labs. Do not contain harsh detergents, no parabens and no fillers. 

Also available:

Pink Lavender

Cinnamon Orange

Lemon Tea Tree


Charcoal Lavender

Bergamot & Lime

Cedarwood Mint

Charcoal Tea Tree

Peppermint & Charcoal

Rosemary Mint

Lemon Verbena

Blue Clay Lavender and Oats

Lemon Lavender

Colloidal Oatmeal

List of Prices:

Scented Bars

Php 285.00/ bar

Php 1110.00/ pack of 4

Php 2200.00/ pack of 8

Unscented Bars

Php 275.00/ bar



Background about Liam and Levi Soap

    Liam & Levi Handcrafted soaps started last May 2017, a year after Architects husband and wife Jeremy & Nina San Juan wanted to continue their creative gifts around their passion which is marriage and family.  The couple named their brand from their two sons’ second names. Noa LIAM & Jediah LEVI.

    The business started out as a sugar free outlet for Nina as soapmaking is like baking without sugar and a  creative hobby for Jeremy.  Nina suffers from allergies and various chemical sensitivities so it is her life-mission together with her husband to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

To Order Contact: 0919-3673219

You may also visit their social media accounts:



Thank you for Reading and  God bless!


Besos ,


Liebster Award


Hola beautiful friends! Hope you’re doing great!😊

   I was nominated by two blogger friends on this Liebster award, I hope it’s not yet too late. I was busy at work  the past days. It’s better late than never. Hehehe

   Thanks so much to Aspirationalist and  Jennifer for nominating me.


🍀Mention and acknowledge the blog that nominated you, and displays the award logo.

🍀Answer the 11 questions that the blogger who nominated you gave you.

🍀Tell 11 facts about yourself.

🍀 Nominate between 5-12 blogs.

🍀Also, make sure to notify these bloggers of their nomination.

🍀Finally, give them 11 questions to answer.

11 facts about myself

 🐚 I love beaches

😊 I turned 29 last January 6

🌸 I love flowers

👧 I’m the eldest child

🍒I have 3 siblings ( 2 boys and girl )

🍴 I always eat a lot but  don’t gain weight

🌿 I work away from home

🎉 I finished my Bachelors degree for 5 years instead of 4 😱

👕 Shirt and Jeans plus white shoes my on the go outfit

✈ I’m in a long distance relationship

🌻 I started blogging last year

QUESTIONS from Aspirationalist

1. If you had to change your name, what would your new name be and why?

  Hmmm, actually I love my name hehehe but if given a chance to change my name that would be Ann Margaret , because that name was the first choice of my mama . Mama said that my Papa told her to named me Maria Kristina…😊

2. What is the dumbest way you’ve been injured? 

I don’t remember 😬

3. Who is your greatest inspiration?       My inspirations are family and  my loveones 💖

4. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up? 

   For me the hardest thing to give up are my dreams  but I know when that time comes God will surely help me and guide me what to do.

5.What is one thing you desperately want to accomplish in life?

   I want to travel the world and learn new cultures ✈

6. If you could have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

   That would be fruit platter… 🍎🍌🍇🍏🍉🍍🍓🍒I love fruits and it’s good for the health.

7. What was the last lie you told? 🤔         The last time I lied was last week. I told my friend I was not home , but I’m just  home relaxing 😬

8. If you had to be one age for the rest of your life, what age would it be?

    It would be 28,  on that age I learned so many lessons and  I can say that I became a truly mature woman.

9. What cheers you up on a bad day?       Yummy and healthy foods can cheer me up on a bad day.🍴

10. What is your go to movie of all time?

   I don’t really know..hehehe Everytime I want to watch movie I just select randomly😊😀

11. Who is the one person you turn to for everything and why?

   No particular  person , I tell everything directly to God and after that I find peace of heart and mind.

Questions from Jennifer

1. What is the reason you started your blog?

   I love to write and love to take pictures that’s why I started my blog. At first I just created my blog to have an online journal about all the things I wanted to write (a private blog)  but just recently I publicized my blog.

2. What was your greatest accomplishment so far in life?

  My greatest  accomplishement so far was I experience to travel solo abroad.

3. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

   I would  go to Argentina to visit my boyfriend. But I don’t have my visa yet . 😭

4. What kind of books do you like?

   I like Christian literature and   storybooks 😁

5. Who would you consider to be your biggest supporter in life?

  My biggest supporter is my family. They always support me in many ways. I love them so much. 💖

6. What kind of advise would you want answered about your blogging?    I need encouragements because sometimes I feel discourage when blogging.

7. What would you say about your best friend?

  I don’t have a best friend, only close and good  friends. I love all my friends for who they are. Good things and bad.

8. Would you rather go out on the town having fun or stay at home watching a movie?

  Usually I love to stay home just relax and watch movie. 😉

9. What do you consider your biggest strength in life?

   My biggest strength is my faith in God. I cannot imagine my life without His guidance and love for me. All by His grace and mercy.

10. If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?

    I want to change the negative mindset of people. I want the people to see every little things and appreciate every blessings big or small and stop complaining.


1. What are your goals this 2018?

2. What motivates you to continue blogging?

3. What makes you happy? Ice cream or pizza? Why?

4. Where is your dream destination? Why?

5. What are the lessons you learned last 2017?

6. If you could only keep three possessions, what would they be?

7. What’s your fave emoji?

8. Are you grateful of your life now?

9. How do you handle stress?

10. What are the things or adventure you wanna try this year?

11. If you die ,do you think you will go to heaven?

My nominees:






Looking forward for your answers! Take care and God bless you!


Besos ,



Happy New Year!!!

  Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! I hope this year will be a great year  for all of us. Thank you so much for inspiring me to write and thank you for the love.

  More of everything this year 2018. Peace,Joy ,Love,Hope,Patience and Good Vibes. GOD BLESS YOU AND CONTINUE TO ENJOY BLOGGING!


Hello 2018! 😊





Hola Beautiful Friends!

I feel so blessed and happy! Got a Christmas gift from Inspiredby.ph yehey! I am new to blogging and this is my first collaboration.

IMG_20171221_181103_624-01.jpeg ***the items in this review are  gifts from   Inspiredby.ph  ***

I’m in a long distance relationship and I love sending postcards to my bf abroad.  I’m always having a hard time looking for a good quality postcards over the counter. Good thing I found this online shop Inspiredby.ph . Their postcards are made of good quality papers with an artistic designs made by different artist. I never expect that there is an online shop like this. They also have different souvenir items inspired by Philippines like notebooks,fridge magnets,mugs and more.

Unboxing  the most exciting part.😁

” A Piece of PHILIPPINES Inside”.






To those who love postcrossing and  postcardswap these postcards are the best for you. A collection of 15 designed maps of the Philippine Islands . Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor, Apo, Camiguin, Siargao, Palawan, Mindanao, Boracay, Samar, Leyte, Panay, Mindoro and Luzon Islands. Each illustrates main attractions, places of interest or dive points.

• Designed in Philippines
• Art paper 250 gr
• Size 10×15 cm
• 15 postcards inside


This “Hello PH ” postcard is one of my favorites. Very unique design with a cute tarsier,gumamela,crabs,octupos and more. Memo Pad with same design is also available.

• Designed in Philippines
•Art paper 250 gr
•Size 10×15 cm

I always bring a small notebook to put all my reminders and to do list. The “Hello PH” Memo Pad is my best buddy.


  • Designed in Philippines
  • Smooth cover with matte printing
  • Inside 58 empty sheets with slightly yellow color
  • Size 9.5×14 cm

Also, to those who are collecting fridge magnets Inspiredby.ph has different designs you can choose.


I have 2 addition to my fridge magnet collections. The Philippine Jeepney fridge magnet and Philippine Sea Life  fridge magnet.

Philippine Jeepney Fridge Magnet

Epoxy fridge magnet with illustration of Philippine Jeepney – the most popular public transport in the Philippines!

Sale Price: ₱56.00 PHP

Regular Price: ₱80.00 PHP

Check full Philippine Transport Collection on this link: https://www.inspiredby.ph/collections/philippine-transport

•Designed in Philippines
•Glossy epoxy covering
•Size 80×57 mm

Philippine Sea Life Fridge Magnet
Sale Price: ₱56.00 PHP

Regular Price: ₱80.00 PHP

•Designed in Philippines
•Glossy epoxy covering
•Size 80×57 mm


Inspiredby.ph is based in Dumaguete City, Negros Philippines. The owners are from Russia, fell in love with Philippines and decided to stay here and opened a business in Dumaguete City, Negros Island. The shop officially opened in the  beginning of the year 2017. The main purpose of this souvenir shop is  to make it easier for tourist and local people to buy gift items online. They want to share their passion for this country and show how beautiful the Islands of the Philippines . Photos and illustrations are made by the owner and with some  local artists. Some of the designs are funny and colorful because before Ms. Jane worked as a graphic designer for toys.

To know more about the products and to see more designs  please visit their website and social media accounts.

Website: https://www.inspiredby.ph
Instagram: @Inspiredby.ph
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/inspiredbyph/

Merry Christmas and a Bountiful 2018 Everyone!




Gift Wrapping

Hello Beautiful friends! Are you all done wrapping gifts? The past years I’ve been using over the counter Christmas wrappers , but this year I decided to personalized my gifts. Tadaaa! I recycled the grocery bag.

Things needed:

1. Grocery bag

2. Scissors


4. Abaca Twine

5. Leaves or any ornaments you want 😊 ( I  got mine in the street 😀) I don’t know the name of the plant ✌

6. And finally the gifts you want to wrap




🎄 Merry Christmas everyone!


Thina 🌸

Favorites Vol.2

Hello beautiful friends! How are you? It’s been months since my last post . Christmas is coming!!!yehey 😀

Are you all ready for the CHRISTmas ? Me, always excited about Christmas. By the way here are some of my faves for this month.

This  is one of my favorite flowers, every morning I had the chance to see this pretty flower . It’s relaxing to see flowers and some greens everyday.

2nd fave is Deka wafer roll, bought this at Alfamart for P17. Chocobanana and ChocoChoco. I think there are more flavors but only got this 2.

Got this 3 flavors ( chocolate,strawberry and milk) . Also bought this at Alfamart I forgot the price but it’s cheap compare to other brands.

Lastly, this Lilac shower gel and lotion. The very first Christmas gift I received this year. Thanks to my friend Ella🎁

Hope you a wonderful holidays!🎄